Thursday, October 21, 2004


Yes, it's over.

The Red Sox won the series. Not THE series, but it might as well be. The impossible happened, then it happened again. Not even by throwing things on the field or chanting "Who's your daddy" at Pedro could the Yankees fans stop the train. By the end it looked like ARod was going to cry, and he probably did. Being the highest paid player in baseball is little consolation, apparently.

Quite often, money can buy championships. But not this year.

Things will be different now. We all knew the Yanks weren't as good as they used to be, that the cracks were starting to show, but losing to the Sox, at home, in the house that Ruth built, is undeniable. It's not that we're all sick of the Yankees fans and their feelings of entitlement. Well, maybe we are. Yeah, I'm sure we are. It's almost as good as the Mets winning something. Anything.

Now we get to watch Steinbrenner take the team apart. I have a feeling next year's starting pitching will be a little better.

It doesn't even matter if the Red Sox win the World Series. It almost doesn't matter if they even play it. They already won, the curse is over, everyone is schocked.

Except the team from Boston.


At 9:43 AM, Blogger Jackson said...

I say this with all due respect; screw the Yankees. I'm so relieved.


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