Monday, March 28, 2005


The Cider 7 inch "They Are The Enemy," which we recorded and I produced with Paul and Aaron of Cider, has received an excellent review in the latest issue of "Maximum Rock and Roll." Though I haven't read it yet (I'll see it on Saturday when Paul comes by to do some work on the new Darvocets record) apparently they were impressed with the production, which I suppose tends to be a bit erratic in the world of hardcore and punk. The first 1000 copies have already sold out, and with this review they should be able to "move some more units," as they say.

Congratulations to the boys of Cider, who just keep writing songs and making records and getting them out there; it's always nice when you work on something that actually ends up getting heard. Once I get my grubby little hands on that review I'll post some snippets of it here.


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