Friday, October 29, 2004


More guitar overdubs with Microdot last night. Replaced some sounds that just weren't working on "Biltmore Clock" and worked through two other tunes, filling in some empty spots. Very nice and relaxed, Dave Cavalier played through his lingering flu like symptons very well, and we did our best to get the room nice and smokey. I think you can hear it on the tracks.

It's funny how a tube amp needs to actually be played a bit before it starts to sound right. Just warming it up isn't enough (our Bandmaster had sat quietly warming for a good hour), it needs to be dug into a bit to get them tubes a dancin'. Then it suddenly starts to sit up and behave, and all else follows.

We got a good chunk of work done last night. Vocals and keyboards are fast approaching, which means the session will migrate to George Vitray's Skyway studio and be dumped into ProTools.

It's a lot like sending your kid off to college, I'd guess.


At 4:58 PM, Blogger Jackson said...

It's cheaper than college, but almost as time consuming.


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