Wednesday, January 18, 2006


We've finished cutting guitars for the Strikes Again! demo/EP. The final tracks were laid down last night, by singer/guitarist John Van Atta, who played Ted's Explorer through the Orange.

The sounds were big. The band was on.

We owe some karmic debt to the Unnamed Engineer who's loaned us the Orange. His karma was already good, now it's even better, and I'll have to do a LOT of meditation to start paying this back. The Orange is one of the true greats.

One of the Strikes tunes, "The Human Cannonball," has a lot of guitar work we've been sifting through. Guitarist Jeff cut all of his parts before leaving for an acting gig in Indy (he's playing an Orthodox Jew, and as Mikedot said, "You shoulda seen the bris.") and none of his bandmates have heard the entirety of his work yet. But last night we made some serious progress, getting rid of stuff we definitely don't want and organizing what's left. It's amazing how quickly tracks add up... yes, we really DO need 7 takes of ambience and feedback to get the perfect moment.

Now it's just the final vocals and mixing. I'm anticipating a very simple mix where everything just comes together...


At 1:22 PM, Blogger Hue B. Mooksuki said...

I have to say I enjoy living vicariously through you and jackson.

Studio work is WAY cooler than say being a mortician, or salesman. In fact it's one of the coolest gigs next to:

Stip Club DJ
Beveryly Hills Plastic Surgeon
Amsterdam Coffee Barista
Leader of Cult (i.e. L. Ron Hubbard)

Like the blog. keep up the great work.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Jackson said...

You can't pay back kharma through meditation, you pay into it with deeds, you need not worry, I'd say your kharma credit is healthy.

At 2:21 PM, Blogger stinkrock said...

last night also featured one of those legendary 'magic takes' - a guitar sound that couldn't be reproduced on the very next take.

Jeff's first performance is tonight. I found this out when he called me from Indianapolis to say he wanted to hear more of his guitar on 'Ripped Open'.

At 2:36 PM, Blogger Chrispy said...

A new topic... the nonlinearity of tube amps (and music in general).

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Jackson said...

Can't we just talk about boobies?

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Hue B. Mooksuki said...

yeah, Boobies!!!!!

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Tony Alva said...

I'll start... I like boobies, thank you.

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Dave Cavalier said...

I don't understand this post. Where was the humping?


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