Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Ted has suggested that my memory of the naming of "Smoke and Mirrors" may not be correct.

I recall us working on some kind of project, using digital editing, and telling a client that what we were doing was all "smoke and mirrors." We used this phrase more than once in the early days.

I then recall going home and a little light bulb going off. It would be a perfect name for the studio, which didn't have a name.

I also have vague memories of suggesting it to Ted.

Now, this could all be incorrect. The human memory is notoriously bad, and considering the kind of altered states Ted and I might have been in at the time, it's entirely possible that I'm remembering it all incorrectly. Perhaps we came up with it together. Perhaps it was Ted.

I certainly didn't mean to imply that the idea was all mine. We were definitely both using the phrase in reference to our work, and at some point the phrase became the name. Smoke and Mirrors = us, and we = Smoke and Mirrors.


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Thank you.


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