Friday, October 21, 2005



How does it look on your computer? Are my links over there? ------->

Piece of crap blog. Probably run by a Windows machine.

This morning, I attempted to cancel a document I send to my printer. The printer control panel window said it was "paused - deleting" and that it was printing "page 5 of 2."

What a load of crap. Windows is a joke, and not a very good one.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger Dave Cavalier said...

Yes. I don't know what happened, but they are all the way at the bottom.

At 10:41 AM, Blogger hazmat said...

It all looks fine to me. And runs on Linux.

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Chrispy said...


Dave, are you on Windows?

Seems to be on the "viewer's end."

DO adjust your sets.

I have no intention of dissing Linux, which is cool.

At 10:46 AM, Blogger hazmat said...

It really has nothing to do with the OS the web server is running on.

But, I'm on Windows. I'm using Firefox. I only use a Mac at home. And I do UNIX sysadmin. Call me a polyglot.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger hazmat said...

Btw, my friend using Safari (2.0) said that the links are on top for him.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Chrispy said...

Well, I'm on IE. I don't have authorization to install another browser on this machine, and IE is somewhat married to Windows. I think it's ridiculous to have to use more than one browser (although we do it at the studio).

Now I have this new template, which I don't really like, but it moved the links back up.

Whatever. I'm going to get an egg sandwich.

At 11:01 AM, Blogger hazmat said...

It worked for me under IE as well, FWIW.

At 11:28 AM, Blogger Chrispy said...

Shall I just send people over to your office to look at my blog?


At 11:32 AM, Blogger hazmat said...

Now that the droves of bankruptcy filers are gone, sure. :)

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Chrispy said...

damn, that blue's ugly.

Seems to have to do with the way the columns ae displaying on my machine. A number of the templates are doing the same thing.


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Dave Cavalier said...

They're back at the top.


At 12:52 PM, Blogger Chrispy said...

you may all return to your regularly scheduled programming, while I try to find a new template that doesn't...

a. look like shit
b. move my sidebar

At 3:06 PM, Blogger banjos-6BA131 said...

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At 12:11 PM, Blogger Jackson said...

Banjos? Coolest spam yet!

Ken is a polyglot. I'd like to start a band called Polyglot.

I saw no links. I'm at the studio.

Too much white, hurts me eyes - I liked the green, and the blue better.


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