Saturday, November 13, 2004


Friday night was Microdot night. Listened to rough mixes and then got the tracks into ProTools over at Skyway Studio (George Vitray's lair). Now George gets to beat the roughs.

Mike Ingenthron (singer/bassist) did some vocalizing on "Carnie." Best lines... "Left the worm farm for a dream." "Tossing rings and riding the big wheel." (I think those are right.)

The first big wheel, of course, was George Ferris's invention for the 1893 World's in Chicago. It was big. 2600 people could ride at once, in huge cars, each with a lunch counter.

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You don't really get 'em like that anymore. The first is so often the best.

That same world's fair brought us Cracker Jacks, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and was a triumph for Nikola Tesla and alternating current, which powered the entire fair. It worked so well that now we've got AC in our homes.

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Here's a good book about the 1893 fair. It's all a true story.

Check it out

The fair featured America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes. No one knows how many he killed, but it was a lot.

The very first midway was also at the fair, which (of course) is where the Ferris Wheel was, and where you throw rings today (don't know if they did back then). Which brings us back to Carnie.


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