Thursday, May 19, 2005


Finished up the new Darvocets record last night. I had to remix three tunes and then it went off to George Vitray at Skyway for mastering.

Listened to the finished product (or at least the CD version; there will be another master for the 12" vinyl release) on the discman this morning, and I'm happy. The drums and guitars sound huge.

The Darvocets will be touring during June... if you can, check them out. This is the itinerary, lifted from

FRIDAY JUNE 3RD Tennessee maybe, nothing confirmed. To be announced. SATURDAY JUNE 4TH DENTON, TX @ J&J's Pizza Shop 8 pm with Holy Shit, Darvocets, Brainwashed Youth plus more details later; SUNDAY JUNE 5TH AUSTIN TX Texas punk fest "Chaos in Tejas" with Selfish, Hellshock, Avskrum, Darvocets, Brainwashed Youth, Cider, and 20 more, see flier below; TUESDAY JUNE 7TH NEW ORLEANS, LA @ the Circle Bar with Kajun SS & Cider also, WEDNESDAY JUNE 8TH NASHVILLE, TN @ the Springwater with Pissed Jeans, Cider; THURSDAY JUNE 9TH ATHENS, GA @ Tasty World, 10:30 pm with Chop Top and No!; SATURDAY JUNE 11TH SKATOPIA in Rutland, OHIO with Darvocets and Brainwashed Youth, Eyes of Hate plus many many more.


At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Tony Alva said...

Good to see you back on the blog...

Looks like Jackson will be in town on the 9th. Maybe we'll take the trek out to Athens for the show. We've got your man Lou Reed & the White Stripes the next night at Music Midtown. You oughta make the trip if you can.


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