Monday, December 17, 2007

Tonight, Strikes Again!

This record (working title "Cure All") is rapidly reaching the finish line. Any day now we're going to look around at each other ("we" being me and whoever still has any hearing left) and say "Sheeet, that's it, eh?" or something like that.

At that point I hope they duplicate it and pass it out. If they don't I will. I've said it before: the reason I really do all this recording is to receive the finished record*, preferably in shrinkwrap, when all is said and done. That's the real payment. Fuck iTunes or CDBaby, I want Product with a big "P". I want to try and decipher the average publishing credit or figure out why I wasn't listed as "Aural Sherpa". I want something to put on the shelf next to the Jerk Alert CD. This is the hardest part of the process, releasing the damn thing. What good is having a baby if you aren't going to show it off at the ice cream social?

I'll say this - musicians have become experts at barcodes. They might spell the name of the studio wrong, they may forget just who did that tambourine overdub, they may even skimp on the shrinkwrap, but they've figured out how to get that barcode on the back of the jewel case (or, increasingly, digipack). Why does The Beast get such a good credit? What did the Dark One ever do for rock and roll?

Oh, that's right. Sorry.

* the term "record" is here used to indicate both compact discs and traditional "vinyl" records. If your music exists solely on the iTunes Music Store, you have not made a "record". You've made a "recording". Any fool with a microphone can make a recording. Make a record.


At 4:21 PM, Blogger Tony Alva said...

I thought the Darvocets did you justice with their credits for you and S&M. I listened to that vinyl this weekend along with the House of Blondes record. Great stuff!

At 3:26 AM, Blogger Jackson said...

As far as the big non-follow through of design and mass duplication goes; none more guilty than I.

The credits thing is insane; there's always a mistake, and it's usually 'and'. Fucking 'and'.


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