Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Ever wonder why that record sounds so great?

Here are some shots from the recording of Mark Knopfler's record "Shangri-La." Look at some of the week 2 pictures. This is what real recording gear looks like.

Excuse my drool.


Well, we finally got down to the nitty gritty of bass recording for the Acquiesce record last night. We've been working a bit backwards, doing rough bass initially, laying guitar over that, replacing those guitars, and now going back and replacing the bass. A circular method, but last night we turned them guitars down, cranked up the drums, hooked up the bass Pod (yes, you heard correctly), fiddled with the compressors, and blasted through a few tunes. We were very careful to really LISTEN to what was going down, to be critical, to make suggestions to Paul (bassist), and to be understanding of what he's going through. Making a record ain't easy, but it's necessary.

I also gave him some pointers on breathing. I think breathing is one of the most important - and overlooked - aspects of playing. The way you breath determines the way your body ebbs and flows, and when negotiating tricky passages on any instrument proper breathing can make all the difference. A lot of players hold their breath during difficult bits... try exhaling through them. Pounding out eighth notes for hours at a time takes control, and if you control your breathing you control your body.

It might seem unimportant, or a little too Zen (as if there is such a thing) but as I told Ted last night, "The day you stop breathing is the day you die."

The end result is a bunch of keeper bass tracks. Once I was satisfied that a take was good, we brought the guitars back in and it was like a new band. Of course, recording a bass track is almost as tiring as actually playing it, but what a relief when they're done.

Friday, May 20, 2005


We are currently working on the new "Acquiesce" (did I spell that right?) record, 12 songs, fairly straight ahead rock and roll, catchy melodies. Drums are done and sound pretty darned tight (James is a good drummer, dead on the click, and there was very little editing needed). We've got scratch bass, guitars, and vocals in everything; some of them might end up being keepers. Tomorrow, being Saturday, will of course be the time when Paul does his real bass tracks (old joke).

We brought in a couple more amps for this one. A Vox AC30 "Super Twin" (the AC30 split into cabinet and head) from Dangerous Studios (Ric Ocasik's place) and a couple of Mesa-Boogies have taken up temporary residence, and boy is that Vox loud. We're going to have to do a bit more construction in the live room (soundproofing mostly) 'cause it's so loud. But it does sound pretty good, although it's too heavy and expensive and difficult to maintain for me to want to own one. The Edge's AC30's used to catch fire on stage all the time. Oh yeah, and did I mention it's loud?

So that means we'll have these amps on the recording:

Vox AC30
Marshall Slash Signature
'65 Fender Bandmaster
Mesa Boogie Rectoverbs (2 of 'em)
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (if I can convince them to try it out)
And a few more Fenders to come (blackface and silverface, don't know the models)

Plus a giant bass amp, all tube, I think it's an Ampeg, very heavy.

They have some big old pedalboards, but so far we've done most tracks straight into the amps, cranked up, which is how God intended it anyhow.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Finished up the new Darvocets record last night. I had to remix three tunes and then it went off to George Vitray at Skyway for mastering.

Listened to the finished product (or at least the CD version; there will be another master for the 12" vinyl release) on the discman this morning, and I'm happy. The drums and guitars sound huge.

The Darvocets will be touring during June... if you can, check them out. This is the itinerary, lifted from

FRIDAY JUNE 3RD Tennessee maybe, nothing confirmed. To be announced. SATURDAY JUNE 4TH DENTON, TX @ J&J's Pizza Shop 8 pm with Holy Shit, Darvocets, Brainwashed Youth plus more details later; SUNDAY JUNE 5TH AUSTIN TX Texas punk fest "Chaos in Tejas" with Selfish, Hellshock, Avskrum, Darvocets, Brainwashed Youth, Cider, and 20 more, see flier below; TUESDAY JUNE 7TH NEW ORLEANS, LA @ the Circle Bar with Kajun SS & Cider also, WEDNESDAY JUNE 8TH NASHVILLE, TN @ the Springwater with Pissed Jeans, Cider; THURSDAY JUNE 9TH ATHENS, GA @ Tasty World, 10:30 pm with Chop Top and No!; SATURDAY JUNE 11TH SKATOPIA in Rutland, OHIO with Darvocets and Brainwashed Youth, Eyes of Hate plus many many more.

Monday, May 02, 2005


On Thursday we were doing some work with Chan Chandler and Ted mentioned our motto - "We Make Records." I agree that this should be on all of our letterhead, if we ever get any.

I suggested that it could be reduced even further. "Make Records." After all, that's what it's all about. Don't waste your time not recording.