Tuesday, December 18, 2007


In light of the Mitchell report, I'd like to weigh in on the issue of performance enhancing drugs.

To me, the term "performance enhancing drug" is redundant (except for when it's an oxymoron). You could look at any drug as being performance enhancing; without this pill to lower my blood pressure I'd die, which would affect my performance. I'm a professional but not that professional.

Having a teammate/roadie inject something into your buttocks to help you throw that 98mph fastball/play those 32nd notes is simply a natural consequence of a world that values fastballs/32nd notes. Of course, if we were happy with quarter notes we'd simply use a different type of enhancement. There's a reason the Velvet Underground did speed while the Floyd did... other things.

Caffeine enhances my performance until the Effexor kicks in.

The real question should be who's using drugs to enhance their appreciation of the performance. In other words, without beer, would anyone sit through an entire football game?


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